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חברת תוכנות הבקרה המובילה בעולם

אנו גאים להיות נציגיה בישראל של חברת תוכנות הבקרה המובילה בעולם

Wonderware מקבוצת AVEVA

טכנולוגית HMI, מערכות SCADA, פתרונות MES מתקדמים, כלי DATA MANAGEMENT חדשניים


About Wonderware

We live in a connected, global landscape that is constantly changing. The ability to drive and direct systems, while necessary, is no longer sufficient. Success requires timelier knowledge, greater discipline and smarter operations.

As the world’s most acclaimed HMI – used in over a third of the world’s industrial and manufacturing plants – Wonderware continues to empower users with rapid creation of standardized, reusable visualization applications and one-click deployment across an entire enterprise including mobile users.


We anticipate and solve connection, control and optimization challenges at the intersection of people, technology and the physical world. Through technology and collaboration, Wonderware empowers people to unleash the value within their organizations.

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